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Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)

The sixth through eighth grade curriculum follows California State Standards and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We implement our program using quality textbooks and resources. The departmentalized program is presented in seven periods per day, with classes separated by grade level.


The Phoenix Ranch Middle School implements CCSS and the Prentice Hall Program in literature, writing, and grammar. Literature is presented in an anthology of short stories, plays, and poetry, employing literary analysis, reading strategies, and vocabulary development.


The math teacher presents sixth grade math using the Singapore Math system. Singapore Math is based on the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach founded on the work of renowned cognitive American psychologist Jerome Bruner. The sixth grade math program is also supported by the Addison Wesley Math 6 textbook. Seventh grade students are involved in pre-algebra supported by the Prentice Hall California Edition Pre-Algebra textbook and workbook. Eighth grade math is supported by the Prentice Hall California Edition Algebra I textbook.


The sciences are covered in depth following the Next Generation Science Standards. All grades are involved in explorations of earth and space science, biology, physical science, and engineering. Science concepts are taught using many hands-on experiments, computer investigation, and other technologies.


The history teachers present a complete program with a specific focus at grade level: Sixth grade – world history “Ancient Civilizations”, seventh grade world history “Medieval and Early Modern Times”, and eighth graders explore U.S. history. History textbooks are published by McDougal Littell and approved for the state of California.


All middle school students have Spanish twice each week.  The curriculum is based on active learning and conversation.  The Prentice Hall textbook and associated workbook, Realidades, supports the learning.

Elective Classes

A selection of electives are available each semester including: health (a health course for seventh grade students), band (instrument study; students provide an instrument and learn to play, read music, have ensemble practice, and performances), art (encompasses a variety of media and project applications).