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Lower Elementary (Grades 1 & 2)

The first and second grade curriculum follows California State Standards, and our faculty has begun the implementation of the new Common Core State Standards, utilizing appropriate materials and textbooks. Reading and mathematics are presented in small, skill leveled groups. By implementing this approach, we can meet the needs of each student.

Language Arts:

▪Reading ▪ Writing ▪ Phonics

The Superkids reading program helps students become successful, motivated, confident readers and writers. Our program stimulates, teaches, and extends the communication and thinking skills that will allow students to develop positive attitudes and become effective readers, writers, communicators, and life-long learners. The program integrates the language arts of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing, and also uses language arts to explore content across the curriculum.


▪Procedures ▪ Problem Solving

The Singapore Math program is implemented in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade, at appropriate level for each student. This program was based on the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach. This approach, founded on the work of renowned cognitive American psychologist Jerome Bruner, encourages mathematical problem solving, thinking and communication.

Science and Social Studies

Students in the first and second grade will experience our wonderful, hands-on science program. The Phoenix Ranch is a CAP school (Civil Air Patrol – Aerospace Education); one of less than 30 schools throughout the United States. Teachers present many STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts. Units include: Simple Machines, Weather, Sound and Vibration, and more. The first and second grade students utilize a social studies textbook. The curriculum moves students beyond their own world to broaden their sense of place. Students in first grade will receive new insights into their communities and help them to make connections to a larger world. Second grade studies to include “farm to market” information that involves learning at our school farm by planting and caring for different crops; the year long project culminating with a farmer’s market.


▪Spanish ▪ Music ▪ Physical Education

The Spanish Program is presented twice each week for thirty minutes. Theme books provide a growing vocabulary for our Spanish language learners.

Music is presented once each week for thirty minutes. The children will alternate between singing and exploring other forms or music. The art program includes one art class each week for thirty minutes wherein students receive instruction in art through media exploration.

Students participate in physical education 3-days per week for 45 min. each class. Qualified teachers present a full athletic program that addresses teamwork, sport skills, coordination skills, aerobic conditioning, and fitness.