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Character Counts

The Phoenix Ranch School has launched an elementary school wide character education program entitled, “Character Counts!”

The Character Counts! Coalition is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian alliance of more than 260 organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, 4-H, United Way of America, and more. Their goal is to strengthen the character of America’s youth using a set of common values.

The Six Pillars of Character is central to the “Character Counts!” program:

  • Trustworthiness: integrity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, and moral courage
  • Respect: courtesy, tolerance, and regard for the rights of others
  • Responsibility: accountability, pursuit of excellence, self-control, and resolve
  • Fairness: justness, impartiality, and respect for fair rules
  • Caring: compassion, kindness, and consideration
  • Citizenship: willingness to work for the good of the community, to be a good neighbor, to respect just laws, and to care for the environment

As the school year progresses, you will see reinforcement of our “Character Counts!” program in many different ways. At our monthly school assembly, we will enjoy a play or presentation that will highlight a particular pillar of character.

The monthly school calendar highlights the pillar of character for the month. This program doesn’t seek to replace the valuable lessons that parents teach their children at home – they are simply meant to compliment and reinforce them.

Watch for further activities offered at The Phoenix Ranch School in support of this important and valuable character education program.